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  • Useful Framework

    Your help with the financial stuff especially was great.  This would have been quite daunting to work through between us.  I think we both felt like there was a useful framework to support us.

    Thank you

  • Clear & Straightforward Manner

    ‘I have recently divorced my husband, which was particularly difficult due to the attitude of my former husband and his solicitors who took a very adversarial stance, and I do not think I could have coped with the process without Louise’s help.

    Louise demonstrated excellent knowledge, even when the other side made things very difficult, and she was able to steer me through this complicated situation, explaining the legal position in a clear and straightforward manner.’

  • Incredibly Good Service

    I would like to thank SJ Mediation for an incredibly good service. Chosen first, for the expediency with which my initial enquiry was responded to by Sarah herself, I can assure those thinking of using SJ Mediation, that everything Sarah told me she would do happened exactly as she said it would. This is no understatement for any service provider, as so many make promises and claims and then don’t follow through.

    Above and beyond that, Sarah was well prepared, professional, flexible, sympathetic, and fair to both parties at an emotionally difficult time. The outcome was the best we could have hoped for and allowed us a kind and respectful separation.

    Thank you.

  • Patient & Helpful

    "I found the service provided by Sarah and her colleagues at SJ Mediation to be professional, sensitive and thorough. Sarah explained the process very clearly and was patient and helpful at each stage making sure that all parties were comfortable with her summaries and details. I would recommend SJ Mediation to anybody who wants to avoid confrontational and expensive separation”