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MIAM (Mediation, Information & Assessment Meeting)



Includes issuing a Court Form

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Additional Sessions



1 hr 30-mins session inclusive of any correspondence, telephone calls or emails.

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Preperation Of Documents



OSFI - Open statement of Financial Information MOU – Memorandum of Understanding

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Family mediation is a confidential and impartial process where the mediator helps the parties involved in family breakdown resolve disputes and conflict.

Mediation saves time, money and enables decisions to be made without having to go through the courts. It is a quicker and less costly way of resolving disputes and enables people to work through their issues in a neutral and safe environment.

Family mediation is very much a future forward approach with positive outcomes being reached for the benefit of all family members. It is a voluntary process so all the parties have to be willing to participate and be open and honest with each other.

Couples -  (whether married, in civil partnerships or cohabiting) who are separating and need help resolving issues with:

Children - Child Inclusive Mediation allows children over the age of 10 to have their wishes
and feelings heard.

Finances -  Property,  pensions, maintenance.

Parenting - 
Mutually agreeing on living and contact arrangements for the children of the family.

Family mediation can also help in the following situations:

Grandparents - Contact to their grandchildren.

Resolving relationship issues between in-laws, siblings and other relatives.

Newly extended families - Setting boundaries and putting parenting plans in place.

FIRST MEETING - MIAM (Mediation, Information and Assessment Meeting)
Both parties will have separate MIAMs with the mediator. The principles of mediation will be explained, what happens next and what is expected of you. The mediator will also assess whether it is appropriate to proceed with mediation. Following both MIAM’s, if all the parties are happy to continue, a joint mediation meeting will be booked.

The second and subsequent meetings will take place with all parties present and an AGREEMENT TO MEDIATE form will be signed by everyone to show a willingness to participate in the process.
It will be established at this meeting what issues need to be looked at and if financial arrangements need to be discussed you will be asked to complete a financial information form. Then in due course, you will be required to provide supporting documentation. The mediator will help you talk through the issues that need to be agreed. The mediator is impartial and does not take sides or give legal advice. At any time during the process you can consult with your solicitor. The mediator is there to help and facilitate you reaching an agreement that is in everyone's best interests. It takes on average 2 to 4 meetings depending on the issues and the complexity of the case. Each meeting usually lasts 1 1/2 hours. You are only charged for the meetings that you undertake.

When an agreement is reached the mediator will prepare 2 documents. A Summary of Financial Information (OSFI) will be prepared if financial issues have been resolved.
This "open" document is a factual summary of the parties’ financial details which can be used in any financial application at court.
The second document is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This is a summary of the proposals that you have agreed to in mediation. This is a privileged document which means it cannot be used in court proceedings unless the parties consent. It is recommended that you show this document to your respective solicitors to obtain independent legal advice and then if you are in agreement it can be drawn up into a consent order and lodged at court.

Straight forward documents take 3 hours to prepare and will, therefore, cost £165 per person per document. Additional charges will be incurred if the matter is more complex and further work has to be carried out.

Child Inclusive Mediation gives children over the age of 10 the opportunity to express their wishes and feeling separately to the mediator so that they can be part of the process. The consultation with
the child/children will cost £100 and feedback to the parents will be provided at a separate joint meeting. The cost of this will be the usual fee of £150 per person.

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