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Complaints Procedure:

How a complaint can be made:

Complaints should be made in writing to S J Mediation at 11 Dormer Place, Leamington Spa CV32 5AA or by e-mail to the address provided by the mediator with conduct of your mediation.

When a complaint can be made:

A complaint can be made at any time during the mediation and up to 6 months following the conclusion of the mediation. 

Who will deal with the complaint?

In the first place, the mediator who dealt with you will hope to be able to resolve your concerns to your satisfaction. Other members of the service with responsibility may also try to help. If that is not possible, the mediator’s PPC (Professional Practice Consultant or supervisor) will become involved, in order to bring your concerns to a satisfactory conclusion, but not to adjudicate on the merits. SJ Mediation may also nominate a complaints handler for the service who may also be involved in addressing your complaint. 

We value your feedback, whether positive or negative, and we take complaints very seriously. It is hoped that by resolving your complaint we are able to learn and improve our practice. 

Our timescale for dealing with your complaint:

1)Complaints will be acknowledged within 2 working days;

2)Complaints will be responded to within 5 to 10 working days; 

3)We will endeavour to resolve the complaint within 30 working days.

If the complaint is not resolvable at local level:

If the complaint is not resolvable at local level, then you are entitled to refer it to the FMA (The Family Mediators Association) within 8 weeks of the conclusion of our internal complaints procedure or 6 months of the conclusion of the mediation (whichever is the later). The Agreement to Mediate includes your consent to release the mediation file to the FMA and the FMC (The Family Mediation Council) if you wish to escalate a complaint.

The rules for this external resolution or adjudication are as follows:

  • The complaint must be made by a person who has been in mediation with SJ Mediation. 
  • Your mediation sessions with SJ Mediation must have concluded. 
  • The complaint must involve a potential breach of the FMC Code of Practice.
  • The complaint must be made in writing on a FMA Complaint Form, which is available on the FMA website or upon request from the FMA administrative office.
  • Escalating a complaint to the FMA does not prejudice your right to seek civil remedy.

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